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You’re Rich!

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0422714…but, you may not know it.  Pretty powerful thought, don’t you think?  The fact is the power comes from the truth within the thought.  Every one of us, each in our own way, has a source of riches that is unique.  The key to your riches is recognizing them and then being willing to give them away.

Think about it!  What are those things or characteristics about you that make you absolutely unique?  It is your uniqueness that is your value as a human being.  I’ve mentioned the following statistic in previous posts but it’s worth restating here.  2,240 trillion to one…That is, according scientists who consider these kinds of things, the physiological odds of any one of us being born.  Seems to me those odds make you rich beyond measure!

Now, here’s the kicker, so to speak.  Too many of us look at distance for our riches.  We measure it in the fast cars, the big homes, the size of our investment portfolios, etc.  Quite to the contrary, you’re rich because you’re you and all that you bring  to the banquet table for the rest of humanity.

Define your riches, therefore, as did Henry David Thoreau.  “A person is rich in proportion to the number of things they can afford to let go.”  Let go! Share yourself with the rest of the world.  Do so with humility, sincerity, enthusiasm and commitment.

Yours are riches no one else can benefit from unless you give them freely.

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