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You’re Welcome

It would be great if all things were easy.  Take living your life, for instance.  I’m sure, if you took an inventory, you would be amazed at the amount of adversity you have had to deal with.  On the other hand, you would be happy and thankful for the wonderful times and accomplishments during your life.  In fact, if you studied that inventory, you would probably find much more positive than negative, if you really, really, tried.

But, let’s think about the big picture for a moment.  How is it that you judge what has been good and what has been bad in your life?  Don’t you have to have some way to compare the various events in your life to make a judgment?  Of course, you do…we all do.

And, here’s where, regardless of whose life we are talking about, there is a consistency in every life.  None of us can know what the good aspects of life feel like unless we have experienced the downside of life.  Without anything to compare, life would be a neutral experience.  While neutrality has its place in life from time to time, it alone would make for a life of non-events, so to speak.  Your life would be like walking through a flat endless plain of boredom.  You would not have the wonderful experience of reaching soaring peaks because you can’t have peaks without valleys.

So, when a negative event happens in your life say: “You’re welcome!  I welcome you because I know on the other side there is a peak of opportunity.”

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